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Frequently Asked Questions

When can I sell this product?

As soon as you purchase your access to spazeship Whitelabel, you can begin selling licenses to your software.

Why do we have a license restriction?

In order to avoid the illegal spreading of our software, we need to limit access to those who are serious about building their own successful business.

How long is my access valid?

Your access is indefinitely valid assuming you ethically use it to sell as a service to clients.

Will my clients be provided their own login details?

Yes. You can create logins for your clients after they’ve paid you inside of our spazeship Whitelabel dashboard.

How many licenses can I sell?

We offer three options – Bronze (50 licenses), Silver (150 licenses) and Gold (400 licenses).

How can I track how many clients I have created?

Inside of your agency dashboard, you’ll be able to see all of that.

How do I block an account?

Inside of the dashboard, you’ll have the ability to delete an account. Please use this ethically.

Will I be able to buy more licenses at a later date?

We can’t guarantee that we will have more licenses available because we are closing this offer once we reach our limit. Our recommendation is to buy the most licenses possible that you’ll need.

Can I sell this on blackhat sites and forums?

You do NOT have permission to sell on blackhat sites and forums.

Can I offer this as a bonus to other paid products?

Yes you can! Offering this as a bonus is a great way to convince customers to buy a product you promote and generate more income as an affiliate marketer. However, remember that you have a limited number of licenses, so that’s why it’s probably better to get the GOLD package that gives you 400 licenses to sell.

Can I use your sales page to sell this software?

Unfortunately not. Since spazeship is only available for our 4 day launch special, you CANNOT use our sales page to sell, because they would buying directly from us and not you. Besides, this Whitelabel offer is to help YOU to be building your own business, not ours!

Can I refund spazeship or spazeship PRO after purchasing the whitelabel version?

No, we will not be accepting those kinds of refunds. That’s not cool.

How do I add my own logo and branding?

Inside of our Whitelabel settings, you’ll be able to change the software to your own name, logo and overall branding.

Can I sell at any price?

YES! You can sell at any price you choose… and even charge clients a recurring fee to use your new software to guarantee a monthly income!

Do my clients have access to your technical support desk?

Yes, you can use our support for your clients!

Which version of spazeship can I resell with the whitelabel?

You get to resell our spazeship PRO as a member of the whitelabel!

Where do I go if I have more questions?